Why your business needs a website

There are a myriad of reasons why your business needs a website. We have listed some of them below;

  • Cost Effective

A strategically designed website and digital presence solution provides many benefits and costing outlines.

  • Accessible 24/7/365

Your website and social media accounts are accessible around the clock. Your customers and clients can easily access your website and services.

  • Convenient

Customers love the convenience of browsing online for products and services. Potential customers can browse, become leads and eventually become your customer.

  • Credibility

A website offers the opportunity to inform customers why they should trust you. The endorsements, business facts and testimonials can back up those opportunities. Positive word-of-mouth delivers more repeat and new business. This enables trust to be built following a business transaction.

  • Sales & Bottomline

By having an online presence, sales can be made around the clock without limitation. By increasing your visibility globally, the likelihood of gaining more customers increases. More visitors and customers equate to increased sales generation.

  • Marketing

Owning a website and developing a digital presence lets you market your business online, where you can reap the rewards of the online world. Many effective marketing strategies available allow you to market and advertise your business online.

Why your business needs a new website

  • It Is Not Memorable Or Stands Out

Stay ahead of the competition with memorable website design. A fresh, polished look will create a lasting impression.

  • It Is A Poor Reflection Of Your Brand

Your website is your promotional tool 24/7 online. A new rebrand or business update should be reflected in your website and advocate that change.

  • You Fail To Attract Your Target Clients

This is due to not being positioned correctly in the market. Not getting inquiries from your preferred client base may be because of the wrong content. Websites should be consistent in their design and content.

  • Technologies & Themes Are Outdated

Due to the digital world evolving so rapidly, so do the tools for building great websites. Functionality and looks in a website built two years ago are now far behind. Code, loading speed and responsiveness across various devices is more advanced now and new websites offer functions to manage your website.

  • Mobile Friendly

Even if your current website is responsive, you need to keep ahead with the latest trends. Modern CSS code adapts quickly and can load pages faster offering a better user experience. With over 60% of website traffic is now via mobile devices, ensure their first interaction with you is a good one.

  • Slow Loading Website

A slow load speed could be caused by underpowered hosting, an underperforming theme and unoptimized images.

  • High Bounce Rate

Don’t lose potential clients! High bounce rates infer there is a problem with navigation, content, or the look and feel of your website.

  • Security

Older websites are more prone to being hacked as they often rely on older technology.

  • SEO

Creating blogs are drive traffic to your website through keywords, internal links and backlinks. This is essential, for search engines love good quality, new content and update your ranking.

  • Poor Call To Actions

Should your existing site have limited CTA’s and does not allow you to customise this, your site visitors will not know what to do next and will sadly leave.

  • Incompatibility With latest Apps & Integrations

Older websites may not support the latest apps, plugins or integrations available which could easily simplify your workflow. A fresh look will create a lasting impression.


It is essential for every business to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more benefits you can gain. A modern look will create a lasting impression with your customers. Speak to Efitz Marketing for more details on 051 391350 or 089 4342390.

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