Designing and production of videos.

Video marketing is the best medium for businesses to communicate their message at multiple levels; visuals, vocally, and text, in one deliverable. It reaches a large audience with marginal expense and a short time frame.

Convey your message

Video is a proven powerful means to demonstrate instructions, introduce a business or product/service or present emotional content.

Competitive Edge

Videos are found more frequently on searches which allows you to gain more traffic to your website and overshadow your market’s natural search results.

Google’s Favour

As Google likes engaging and new content, video marketing is the optimum way of communicating your message to searchers online.

Efitz Marketing
Efitz Marketing

Leave the planning to us

  • Let our creative minds come up with great concepts to promote your brand.
  • We will create, design, innovate and curate to bring about unique experiences and produce extraordinary results.
  • We offer guidance in creating a storyboard, writing a script, graphics, imagery, and other media you may wish included.
  • We will develop an engaging and striking video which enables you to achieve your goals
  • Also, we provide royalty-free music which means you do not pay on an ongoing basis.
  • We advise how to distribute the video for maximum impact and viewership or alternatively we can advise you where to show it.

At Efitz Marketing, we are committed to getting the video right for you, your business and your product.

Strategy | Ideation | Design | Development | Activation

We consider all the details and work within the parameters of the budget to make your video outstanding.

Key benefits of Video Marketing

  • Easy Consumption
  • Appeals to senses
  • Engages the emotions of the consumer
  • Demonstrates expertise and affirms credibility and branding of the business
  • Easily allows for re-purposing and reuse of content

The value of Video Marketing

  1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
  2. Video Shows Great ROI
  3. Video Builds Trust
  4. Video Appeals to Mobile Users
  5. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything
  6. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers
  7. Video Encourages Social Shares
  8. Google Loves Videos
Efitz Marketing
Efitz Marketing

How Our Video Marketing Services Work

Following a discussion with you and your team, we will identify your business marketing requirements. We will then make recommendations on how to improve your marketing campaign using video, including how it can specifically be of benefit to your business. Businesses have different needs, and should for some reason, this not be a suitable method of promotion for you, we will offer alternative effective marketing suggestions to reach your audience.

Achieve your business goals of higher search engine rankings, return on investment and a greater customer base with an impressive video.   This is the time to start an online marketing plan to capture sales and ensuring no more prospective customers get away.  Use a great video!

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