We know life offers variety.

That’s why we offer packages that vary.

We can price packages to suit your budget giving you the option to increase or decrease your spend in accordance to your budget and preferences. Our analogy marketing involves the cultivation and increasing brand recognition whilst our digital marketing strategies directly target potential customers.

Our dual marketing approach is key to your business’ success.

Bespoke Marketing Strategies

Every business has different marketing needs and budgets. Efitz Marketing understands these differences and creates custom marketing packages intuitively tailored to the unique needs of your business. We work within your budget, targeting and exploring untapped marketing and lead generating avenues.

Traditional Marketing Strategy

Traditional media should not be omitted as marketing is a multifaceted approach to promoting your business. We combine traditional and digital marketing techniques to deliver outstanding plans. We skillfully incorporate print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone methods to blend with online efforts to broadly raise awareness and then target our prospective customers.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Without a defined digital marketing plan, how can you achieve growth and innovate, measure insights and performance and learn from previous efforts and enhance future approaches?

Now is the time to craft a strategy that creates a powerful impact on your bottom line.

We have a mission. Our approach to a digital strategy is to advance your business online and achieve business success.

We collaborate

To achieve this, we actively listen to our clients and uncover your unique selling point and how you differentiate your brand from your competitors. We create a powerful plan for you to lead in your given industry.

We plan

We only combine and plan for methods and platforms that are applicable to your business. Our expertise and skill sets will lead us to deduce what will work and what will fail to deliver.

We execute

The digital plan formulated to attain your objectives will be executed across the chosen digital platforms and mediums.

We measure

Efitz Marketing likes to measure the results and evidence proposed plans, with actual results. We provide periodic reporting to appraise the progress and illustrate the success of the campaign via insights and metrics.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.” ― Peter F. Drucker

No matter what business you’re in, Efitz Marketing can create just the right marketing strategy for you. With a company ethos that believes quality marketing should be afforded for even the smallest of businesses, Efitz Marketing can effectively work within this scope.

Get started today to create an impact! Talk to Efitz Marketing today.