Emails that deliver results

An email campaign is an effective method of building customer loyalty and increasing sales.

Email is an amalgamation of art and science. At Efitz Marketing, we develop creative, thoughtful and engaging experiences. In a world where there is a lot of marketing noise, marketing campaigns must be compelling, timely and relevant.

We research data.

Knowing the nature of your target audience permits us to fully understand and provide for their needs, expectations, attitudes, nature, and culture. We only acquire the information we can use and segment upon to gain an insight into buyer behaviour.

We analyse

Based on your objectives and strategy, it is essential that an email is cohesive, compelling and coercive for the reader.

We design

Emails are designed and structured to trigger clicks and drive traffic to your landing page. The user experience is considered to offer a consistent campaign which leads to conversions and sales.

We optimise

We use rich media, and assure our email campaign is the best in its class. We run tests and our method drives results. We are committed to delivering segmented emails to those who want them, at the right time.

We measure & interpret

We are continually focused on delivering results through our email marketing solutions.  We use metrics from each campaign and analyse findings to interpret user behaviour. Thus guaranteeing a higher open rate and click through ratio.

We report

We advise what is working, what needs improving and what needs to be abandoned. 
We issue recommendations for strategies going forward.

time + frequency + analysis = best results

Leave it to us. We are focused on driving results and covering every angle.

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