Halfway through 2019, how are you fixed?

At the start of 2019 e-commerce sales were set to increase by 19.5%. This offered an opportunity for savvy brands to drive and enhance their market share with the latest webs developments and design trends.

The trends that brands should consider throughout the year to ensure they continue to deliver relevant, differentiated designs and therefore increase sales are the following…

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

There are no two ways about it. Just four years ago in 2015, mobile searches surpassed desktop searches, making mobile searches the highest search form in the world. As a result, Google altered its ranking factors and how they index websites – i.e. they now prioritise mobile sites over sites which are not mobile responsive.

This push to mobile is just not based on the index or SEO. It is also based on the users’ experience on the devices, be it desktop, tablet or mobile, their visual result must enhance their search experience.

This shift means that designers need to consider the mobile user first, before creating a version that they will be most likely conducting their searches from. It used to be the other way around – desktop version first, then a mobile responsive add on version Therefore, it is essential for the website to be designed with the mobile user in mind. First, before designing a standout website on a desktop.



Micro animations and movements with feedback loops make for a more engageable, more usable and interesting website. Movement can occur when hovering over an icon. These micro interactions can improve the users experience on your website immensely, which means they may stay longer and are more likely to return. connecting action with a reaction, through this meaningful motion, satisfies the users need for interaction. As more touch interfaces are present, there has never been a greater need to deliver micro animations and movement to make interactions smooth and to guide the user all the way to the checkout.

Customised Fonts

The latest trend for fonts sees a move back to a classic style – clean and formal, with larger, bolder typefaces. The trend is moving away from the humanist typefaces, as brands wish to stand against the excessive humanist style typefaces.


Bright colours have made a return and are being used more liberally in 2019 for brands to standout more. Bigger bolder colour schemes in the last two years have exploded across the internet. More brands have been choosing to use their core packaging colours as their graphics, with clashing tones. However it worth noting that a colourful brand with a classic style font is not the correct fit for all brands. One needs to consider the brand values, and the target audience before deciding upon a suitable colour and font.

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Search Optimisation

Website design and development need to bear Google’s continually evolving search algorithm in mind. This means all content communicated must be relevant to the destined target audience and natural written form. Google considers grounded, honest, human-generated quality content. Having quality content with backlinks to your website can really aid your SEO efforts. Sharing your content highlights to Google that your content is of value to users and thus rewards your endeavours with an improved Google search ranking.


Recent research shows that more than 50% of users leave a website if it takes in excess of 3 seconds to load. An individual’s attention span is now less than 8 seconds, that is less than a goldfish which has 9 seconds. Therefore websites must be designed with speed in mind. A faster loading website also means that it will rank higher in Google search results.

This does not suggest that websites should limit the number of videos and graphics and content it has. Much improved broadband speeds have enables content heavy sites to load much faster. For businesses with Apps, hosting it on a PWA (Progressive Web App) can ensure the content can load in less than a second.


It is necessary for all businesses to continually evolve their website design to stand out and deliver unique engaging and interesting experiences to the user. The benefit is, of course, an increase in sales.

The six outlined points on website design above should be taken into account for brands to be positioned and inline, for a lucrative second half of the year online. If you would like to learn more about our website packages and rates, please contact us at 051 391350 or 089 4342390.

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