Quality over quantity for 2019- Social Media Changes

Interestingly many brands are considering switching to just one social network and not using all of them, to have greater impact. Too many channels have shown fatigue, digital literacy and the trend of users ‘switching off’ that has caused many brands to change their social media marketing approach. This may serve as a relief to many business owners who do not have the resources to manage multiple social media channels.

Rather than not entirely abandoning all your social media presence, having a greater focus on that one channel that bring the greatest impact in terms of awareness, conversions, engagements or others might be the better approach.

As everything is visual many leading brands are focusing on their visual social media- the instagram feed- and leveraging the power of their community to get the message across. Their main priority here is to position the brand in the customers everyday lives and raise more awareness.

Brands such as Lush cosmetics have completely abandoned all owned social media in favour of their website and email campaigns recently. Lush also intends to strengthen its influencer marketing and let third parties carry their message. However, it is important for brands to thoroughly vet their chosen influencers or spokespersons, as social media users question the legitimacy of their promotions. Bringing organic growth in social media works best in creating the greatest impact.

Creating ‘thumb-stopping’ adverts has become more difficult in an increasingly saturated social media channels. Focusing on the channel with the highest potential should help in creating more impactful adverts. Users are more aware of social media marketing like retargeting and cringe at being followed by brands wanting to sell them products and services.

Blending all working on social media seamlessly is without a doubt, a balancing act. therefore maintains focus on one social media channel should not fear the marketers. The rewards through investing smartly in the right channels which bring the greater value, should be the most important.

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