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With one hand on the controls and another on the telescope, Evelyn navigates the good ship of Efitz Marketing

About Us

Efitz Marketing is a boutique full-service marketing agency located in Tramore, Waterford. Efitz Marketing is focused on digital marketing, advertising, social media, PR, & events to generate ROI and long-term brand awareness.

We are marketing specialists that centred on complete digital and traditional marketing solutions. Our unique approach to marketing involves combining digital marketing strategies with more traditional marketing forms to match the business objectives, be it growth, awareness or sales. Therefore, our bespoke marketing packages are tailor-made to the needs of each individual client.

We are a professional and passionate team who work with our clients to increase their revenue. We provide services for new and existing businesses who want to grow their offline and online presence. Efitz Marketing has been helping many small, and medium enterprises throughout Ireland accomplish their desired goals by offering an array of marketing services to cater for their individual needs that include; Web Design, Search Optimization, Advertising, Google Ads, Branding, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video, Strategy, Consultations, Events, and PR.

We are delighted to have worked with great clients from different industries and types of enterprises sizes over the years. We have managed events such as the Grand launch of Clothes Shop, a Business Conference and Ladies Day at the Races. We also completed a Regional Advertisement and PR campaign for a social enterprise and have ongoing publications regarding Business Networks in Local papers. High-quality websites have been successfully designed for clients.  Digital packages with social media and email campaigns have delivered excellent results. Winning advertising and promotion in the form of video, Google Ads and Facebook advertising have also led to a high engagement, sharing, and CTR Click through Rates.

Our proven methods are evidenced by the great testimonials we received.

We are passionate about our clients’ continual improvement. We strive to achieve better results each time; results that are not only focused on financial gain, but that are sustainable, integrated and tailored. We genuinely care about our clients business. We travel the journey together with them.

Get going, get marketing

Founder Evelyn Fitzmaurice has a passion for marketing and advertising which requires thinking outside the box, and allows her creative side to emerge. Significant experience was acquired in foreign and Irish multi-nationals, SME’s, across food, tourism, financial services and recruitment industries.

Being flexible and adaptable within roles, she enjoys challenges and motivating herself further. Considered a hardworking, committed, reliable and honest professional, that will give every task regardless of size, her utmost. Evelyn holds a Degree in Economics and Finance, a Masters in Marketing and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Her determination, along with a strong vision and commercial thinking, adds value and contributes to our clients’ success.

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