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Online – Social – Traditional

A wide variety of advertising is now available…


Display advertising are visual adverts that appear on other third party websites, which are relevant to your content or service. Display ads are now a mix of static images, text, floating banners, wallpaper, pop up ads, flash, and video.

Pay per Click (PPC)

Accomplished and Skilled paid search marketing to achieve leads and increased sales.

PPC is forever changing as customer intent, landscape, platforms and technology continually evolve. At Efitz Marketing, we understand what is required to ensure your paid search activity drastically improves your bottom line.

Display Advertising

Display advertising comprises of many different rich media formats to deliver adverts and brand messages to site visitors. It relies on images, audio, and video to communicate an advertising message.

Banner ads are a perfect fusion of branding and digital marketing initiatives. They remain one of the most dominant ways of advertising online. We can create persuasive and optimised adverts to drive site wide conversions.

Allow display advertising achieve a greater ROI with Efitz Marketing. Combine a stunning call-to-action with beautiful images to convert audiences via commanding display adverts. Achieve a higher conversion rate with specific targeting to enhance the performance of your campaign.

Advance with display advertising and let it become your most profitable advertising initiative with Efitz.

Social Media Advertising

Create a custom-built audience and target your audience perfectly to include various demographics.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Reach the customers who have a greater likelihood of purchasing from you rather than first-time visitors. We can effectively remarket and retarget to people whose data you already have as an essential part of your marketing strategy.


Print media and radio are still relevant and widely used. Let us devise an optimum advertisement campaign.

Want to action a comprehensive advertising campaign? Talk to Efitz Marketing today.